You should stop watch US animation. The show will on succeed if they bring in the little boys and sell toys. Happened to Young Justice, happened to Justice Leage. Too many adults watching.

Then why do they have those shows on late at night when kids, little boys, should be sleeping?

Your point is taken, though. I often wonder if I should put away my toys and just become a souless adult. Maybe I’d find that stability and happiness I want? Or think I want? I don’t know.


Todays Cuteness :) by Kiera Hutton



the guy I dog-sit for just got a puppy and he’s havin a lil trouble with his ears

he worked it out :]

I can not continue to be a fan of TV if shows I like get cancelled.

I mean how do you people do it? I mean with a movie it’s complete. It’s a brief love affair but it runs a definitive course and its done. No way to mess it up (sans George Lucas). But with TV not only do they take you on this long, lovely journey with thrills and laughs and promises to be together for a long time, their is this looming monster outside the 4th wall that threatens to destroy that adventure. All because they want more money from soda pop companies and car dealerships?

Maybe me and TV should not have started this relationship. When it was just me and film it was quieter, steady. Sure there were bad films but you could avoid those, and yes there is bad tv, again avoid them is easy too. But There is good TV. TV that is amazeballs but because it’s not Amazeballs to other people they kill it. They kill the lover you find in a TV show. How could anyone stand to see lover after lover get killed and not get numb and disgruntled?

I don’t know I’m tired and sad.

That’s me right now.


found this gem in the 1996 Cornell Women’s Handbook. it’s what to say when a guy tries to get out of using a condom

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No way!!! I just saw some articles and it said that the last five episodes were yanked due to low viewership. 😵

Yeah, well, that’s just, like, their statistical data,… man.

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bryan konietzko made a post saying it’s going to digital. they’re going to talk about it at comic con.

I hate that I love something that powerful people have no love for. I love my Legend of Korra and I wish Nickelodeon did too. I’m gonna go cry now.




Well this helped cheer me up.

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